Why is Death Valley Worth Visiting?

Author: iTravelUSA

Published: 7/10/2019

Despite Death Valley’s record on holding the hottest temperatures within the world with average summer temperatures over 100°F (38°C), it holds historical events such as the natural erosion effects on the landscape, the arrival of the 49ers after the discovery of gold in 1848, and scenes within Star Wars that were shot within the valley. If you’re considering visiting Death Valley, then the places that may be worth visiting are Dante’s View, Badwater Basin, and Zabriskie Point. 

The first location that tourists can go to is Dante’s View, which gives you the opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of Death Valley and Badwater Basin before you dive deeper into the many attractions that the park has reserved. Be cautious of standing on the edge of the mountain, as you may risk falling off. Dante’s view was also used to film scenes in Star Wars episodes IV and VI. 

The second location that tourists cannot miss is Badwater Basin. This popular landmark sits within the heart of Death Valley while resting 282 feet below sea level. Badwater Basin holds the record for the lowest altitude in North America. Once there, you’ll be presented with the large salt concentrations that have been left over by the evaporated water. The boardwalk contains historical information for you to read and further understand the basin’s history. Ahead of the boardwalk is the trial that stretches to a total length of 5 miles, However, you may walk the trail for as far as you like before returning back to the parking lot. Be sure to refrain from stepping off the main trail as doing so may damage the natural landscape.

Zabriskie Point lets tourists view the formally volcanic Black Mountains and the beautiful sunset over Death Valley’s mountain ranges. As the sun falls behind the Black Mountains and darkness engulfs the atmosphere, you’ll find yourself gazing up at a palette of beautiful colors ranging from orange, purple, and pink along with clouds and the blue sky. Constellations that shine throughout the night sky along with the silence of the valley treats its visitors with a calming experience. If you stay long enough, your eyes will adjust to the dark lighting, allowing you to see more stars. If you’re lucky, you can spot the International Space Station or a shooting star soaring across the sky!

Whether you plan to travel alone, with friends or family, you’ll experience unforgettable moments within Death Valley. Be sure to take as many photos as you like to look back on your journey. Remember to wear comfortable clothing, hiking shoes, healthy snacks and extra water to further enjoy your trip.

For your safety, consider the following:

  • Bring water and or sport drinks
  • Bring high protein snacks
  • Wear light clothing during the summer months
  • Wear comfortable hiking shoes
  • Stay within guided trails